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A few years after I started writing, I discovered to my consternation that I had given away all my contributors copies of the issue of Analog that had my first story in it, and didn't have a copy of it for myself at all! After a while I found a copy in a used-book store, but as a result of that experience, every time I had a story published, I made it a habit to pick up a three or four extra copies, in addition to the contributor's copies.

That was great when I'd only had half a dozen stories published, and none reprinted, but now that my list is a bit over fifty, I don't need all these extra copies of the books and magazines. It's nice to have an extra copy or two, but for many of these I have way too many extras, and I'm running out of shelf rooms. Still, I don't really want to actually throw any of these extra copies out. So here's the deal. If you want to collect Geoffrey Landis first editions, send me the price and two dollars for postage (just two dollars regardless of how many magazines you buy), I will send any or all of these to you. (And an autograph is free on request.) The prices here are the cover price; I'm not making a profit here (since these are usually copies I bought at the newsstand), but if you can find these at a used-magazine store, you'll probably get a better deal. e-mail me at if you want to purchase.

magazines with my stories

Books with my stories

I also have a lot of magazines and books where I only have only one or two extra copies that I didn't bother to type into the above list; if you have something particular in mind (not the December 1984 Analog, I'm keeping that one, sorry), let me know.

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